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Our Mission

Edifying the Church - We are committed to gathering weekly for worship, Bible teaching, prayer, and fellowship.
                                        Acts 2:42-47, Eph 4:11-16
Evangelizing the Lost - We are committed to local and international evangelism, bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the nations.            
                                       Rom 10:14-17, Mark 16:15                                       
Exalting the Lord - We are committed to glorifying the risen Christ in every aspect of life. To Him be all glory and honor.
                                        1 Cor 10:31, Rev 5:12

Our Vision

Our desire at Calvary Chapel Bozeman is to know Jesus more fully, to be made more like Him and to help others do the same. Our greatest hope is that we would be a body of believers that walks closely with the Lord and glorifies Him as we are conformed into His image.
                                Rom 8:29-30, Rom 12:1-2, Phil 3:20-21

What makes Calvary Chapel distinct?

Calvary Chapel seeks to declare the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27) believing that the best program to achieve this is a systematic study of the entire Bible in an expositional manner.
Calvary Chapel looks to the New Testament book of Acts as the divine model for the Church. we don't look to church history or movements, but rather the Word of God.
Calvary Chapel has a basic form of leadership that is modeled after the theocracy of Israel as well as the insights of leadership in the New Testament. We believe the pastor is to lead the church as he feels directed by the Holy Spirit with Elders coming alongside directing the affairs of the church. 
(1 Timothy 5:17)
We believe the only means by which we can be forgiven is to turn from our sin and personally accept the death of Jesus Christ as payment for our own penalty, and to receive him as Savior and Lord. Further, we believe that anyone who believes in and accepts Christ as Savior becomes the recipient of God's Holy Spirit, by which he/she is born again. (John 3:3-9; 20:22; Acts 4:12; Ephesians 2:8-9)
Calvary Chapel practice has a relaxed, casual style of ministry. (although there's nothing casual about our faith in Christ.) We do not allow spiritual hype to motivate people, but rely on the teaching of God's Word coupled with the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We don't advocate church growth seminars or plans to make our church a user friendly atmosphere. We teach the Word and trust the Lord to add such as should be saved.
Calvary Chapel places a large emphasis on God's grace - recognizing that we are saved by grace and stand in grace.
Calvary Chapel emphasizes the centrality of Jesus Christ in all things. He is the reason we meet and the One Whom we serve. We seek to eliminate anything that places undue focus on anyone or anything but Christ.
Calvary Chapel is pre-tribulational and pre-millennial in our eschatology.
Calvary Chapel believes in a balance between the biblical concepts of God's Sovereign election and man's responsibility, believing both to be biblical doctrines. 
Calvary Chapel believes in the supremacy of love - without which all the gifts of the Spirit are useless.
Calvary Chapel believes in taking ventures of faith.

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